Assurance & Accounting


Successful businesses cannot operate without timely and accurate accounting data. The lack of reliable financial information will not only hamper the decision making process, but also diminish the usefulness to third party. My team is very experienced from accurate bookkeeping to financial statement preparation.

Financial Statements

  • Compilation engagements - From the information supplied by the client, I compile the financial the unaudited financial information into financial statements.
  • Review engagements - Reviews provide limited assurance that the financial information conforms to generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Audit engagements - Audited financial statements may be required or desirable when a corporation is reporting to shareholders, bankers, creditors and to the government. Audited financial statements are useful for those requiring assurance on the corporation’s financial position and operating results.

    Accounting Services

    • Cash flow analysis 
    • Preparation of budget models
    • Forecasts and projections
    • Accounting system review 
    • Review of internal control systems
    • Preparation of Agri-business government program applications
    • Bookkeeping
    • GST/HST filing
    • Payroll services

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