Understanding your financials MADE SIMPLE

Measure your business with an easy, affordable way to track, forecast, and compare

W Callaway uses the award-winning Corelytics Financial Dashboard to connect with your business. I’ll help you monitor your performance and even give you a log in to your own dashboard.
Watch a demo of the dashboard so you can see the value to your business with W Callaway as your guide. Your dashboard subscription is included as part of my services.

Simplify your business financial life... Quick, Easy, Affordable 

Corelytics Dashboard is a business tool that connects to your accounting software (like Quickbooks) and makes your financial numbers easy to understand and analyze. Easy setup. No contract. No software. Connects to your existing Quickbooks, Sage, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamics and Xero accounting software to gather data.
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  • Leading Indicators

    Lead industry indicators

  • Revenue


  • Profit


  • Cash


  • Gross Margins

    Gross margins



  • Forecasts



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Track, Forecast, Compare ...  Measure your business performance

See where you stand on 5 key KPIs
(Key Performance Indicators)
  1. Revenue trends
  2. Expense trends
  3. Gross Profit
  4. Net Profit
  5. Cash balance
…we’ll work together to find out where your biggest business issues are. It might just save your business!
Where are you headed?
Predictive Forecasts offer 2-year trends, 12-month future.
Best, worst case projections.
Built-in business intelligence under the hood takes care of the heavy lifting.
You focus on your top priorities.
How do you compare?
Specialized industry benchmarks are aggregated for personalized comparison.

  • TRACK TRENDS - which helps you make better business decisions faster
  • FORECAST - future with best/worst case scenarios to identify RISKS and be better prepared
  • Set GOALS & track PERFORMANCE - to easily get your team on the same page
  • Compare your performance to INDUSTRY STANDARDS
  • Connects to your existing accounting software

More About Corelytics

Corelytics Financial Dashboard is a web-based monthly subscription that connects to your existing accounting software and is compatible with major accounting brands.
Corelytics crunches data from your accounting system to clarify your past and predict your future.
No other product can more easily deliver a picture of your trends, predictions, and performance using your current accounting data. Rather than close your books, open your eyes to the dynamics of your business without the hassle of complex software.
Each month, you see which parts of your business are performing and which are not, so you can adjust your course. Use the dashboard to get your team to see where your company is headed and the challenges you may face. Share with your stakeholders-- even your banker will be impressed!
corelytics financial dasboard video
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